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Hand-Crafted in Alberta.


We are Ian and Cindy Shurville. After working 9 to 5 office jobs for most of our lives, we yearned to use our creative side and decided to build and finish home décor pieces like trays, crates and small furniture. Surprisingly, people loved the fact that each piece was unique and was made from reclaimed and recycled barn wood and built locally! As fast as Ian could build them, we would sell them.

We began with the name "Crate Ideas" but wanted to diversify along different avenues from our small pieces and current projects. While driving through Oxford during a recent vacation to England, we noticed a sign on a building that just said "Magenta". We both loved the name and Cindy especially the colour! Since everything we wanted to develop was to do with the home, we thought why not Magenta Home. And so it was born!

Ian believes you should do something creative every day and continually works towards this goal. Along with his building abilities, he loves photography and has an eye for the unusual. Also in the near future, watch for some of his photographs to be available for sale on our website.

We look forward to sharing our website and creations with you!


Magenta Home is a Canadian based company. Our mission is to provide a unique and alternative option to standard furniture and home décor. We create with the mandate of reclaim, reuse and reimagine.

We design one of a kind pieces that reflect our belief that everything deserves a second chance and where ownership is as important as the creation.

We take pride in being Canadian and work hard to insure that we support other Canadian companies.

We are Magenta Home.